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Responsive Design is killing two-thirds of your conversions. Let's find a solution.

User experience on mobile should be one of your main focus regarding marketing and social media. As an example, Facebook mobile usage is:

  • 3x
  • more important
    than desktop usage

Along with this huge increase of mobile usage, comes the challenge of the lower conversion rate of mobile marketing.

Existing marketing suites let you design contents for desktop, with basic responsive design as the only solution for mobile users experience. However, the incredible diversity of devices and OS makes it painful to offer a comfortable and efficient experience with responsive design only.

To stand out from activities like connecting with loved ones or banking on mobile context, you have to offer mobile-first experiences, optimized for conversion. That's why we are committed to build the best mobile-first platform that brings your mobile strategy to the next level.

Device usage of Facebook users worldwide - January 2018

The best marketing platform to increase conversions at every step

Enhance your content marketing strategy with tailored assets crafted at scale

See how incredibly easy it is to combine interactive brand content and entertaining games in a unified, cross-channel experience.

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    Set the scene of your Story
  • 3
    Publish it everywhere

Our Success Stories

Xbox promoted the Forza Motorsport 7 Game through an immersive mobile experience

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Fastory is like for interactive content on mobile.”
Dev Das, Head of Strategy and Digital Marketing at LinkedIn

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