Create addictive and unforgettable branded games

Enhance your marketing strategy with seamless and immersive branded mobile experiences. Design beautiful stories that make your company stand out from the crowd using videos, pictures, social games and more.

Now you can go beyond ordinary promotions, landing pages and advertising to create deep bonds with people who matter to your business.
Gamification Business Benefits
Customer Loyalty & Social Engagement
Since engaged customers are more likely to stay loyal and buy more, offer irresistible and entertaining rewards to increase user retention and engagement.
Take advantage of branded mini games or simpler gamification mechanics to build a strong brand preference and also promote interactions on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram to keep in touch with customers everywhere.
Lead Generation
Make lead generation fun with gamified forms, quizzes, personality tests or even branded casual games to attract and retain your target market.
Abandon the ordinary, forgettable lead generation tactics and switch to an intensely interactive and far more engaging lead generation approach.
Brand Awareness
Go from ordinary to extraordinary, creating thrilling experiences with games, articles, branded videos and much more in a single place.
Make sure your company is always on your customer's mind with awe-inspiring brand content and storytelling that will get you to your business objectives.
How to better promote your business with gamified storytelling on Fastory
Fastory is a user-friendly solution that allows you to create highly engaging and disruptive marketing campaigns.
You can connect people to your company story through social media, websites or any other marketing channel to bring your brand story to life.
With Fastory campaigns, you can be there whenever your customer takes a break by pushing tempting content like branded games and other playful promotions.
Reach your community every day, at every precious moment by drawing them into a unique atmosphere around your business and products, using videos, pictures, games, articles, leaderboards, chats, forms, and much more.
Create user experiences tailored to your business identity: engage users on social media, raise your brand awareness, influence the customer's journey and qualify contacts to learn more about the real people who make up your community today.
Top 3 tips to build the best gamification campaigns with Fastory
Idea n°1
Use advertsing
Use advertising to reach qualified leads and draw them into your story.
Add rich content people will enjoy interacting with like branded mini games or gamified forms to capture profile data you’ll be able to use in your CRM tool later.
Idea n°2
Reward your most loyal users
Reward your most loyal users and give them a sense of achievement by encouraging them to take a specific action to earn rewards.
Take advantage of Fastory game mechanics, which deepen the user’s engagement with your brand through features like sharing bonuses, user xp levels, and more.
Idea n°3
Mix different contents
Make your story multidimensional by using different types of content: show your product in action with videos, give a glimpse behind the scenes of your company with pictures.
Don’t forget to add a few forms to qualify contacts according to your business goals.