VINCI is a French concessions and construction company founded in 1899. It is now the largest construction company in the world and had leaded some famous projects like The Louvre entrance, the Stade de France or the Rio–Antirrio bridge.

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Goals and Campaign Features
  • Provide travelers with ideas for a Halloween trip
  • Drive traffic to an online mobile contest
Social Media Channels
Facebook Posts
Facebook Ads Carrousel
Facebook Ads Videos
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Key Stories Components
  • Branded Video Cover
  • Custom Themes
  • White Label
  • Autoplay Videos
  • CTA Buttons
Key Metrics
Story completion rate (engaged visitors)
average session time
CTR on "Enter contest"
CTR on "Find us on Facebook"
Success Story
Vinci Autoroutes, a division of Vinci which manage the most of the french highway system, came to the Fastory team with the aim to provide car travelers with ideas regarding the Halloween event.
Looking for a creative way to acquire a new mobile audience, Vinci Autoroute created a story introducing a Top 5 of scary places to visit for Halloween. Featuring screamy autoplay videos and mysterious pictures, the story also provided readers with the opportunity to win weekends in haunted castles.
With the help of Facebook Ads, the animated cover of the story has been imagined as the extension of the video ads in order to offer a seamless and immersive experience to visitors. The story has been warmly received by visitors, as proved by the 95% Story completion funnel. Furthermore, the Story reached a global CTR of 16%, allowing Vinci Autoroute to qualify and acquire a new market segment.