Warner Bros. is a successful american entertainment company, which has been involved in the production of some of the most famous movies in the past years such as Harry Potter & The Hobbit sagas, The Dark Knight, Inception or Gravity.

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Goals and Campaign Features
  • Promote the new Batman Movie release with a friendly experience
  • Increase cinema tickets sales
Social Media Channels
Facebook Posts
Facebook Ads Videos
Key Stories Components
  • Branded Video Cover
  • Custom Themes
  • White Label
  • Chatbot
  • Parralax and Tilt-to-Pan Pictures
  • Autoplay Videos
Key Metrics
Retention rate within Chatbot
Average time on Chatbot
Average time on Content
CTR on "Buy tickets"
Success Story
Promoting a new Batman movie, Warner Bros. wanted to add an immersive and friendly experience on mobile to accompany the release of their campaign. The Story got promoted via Facebook videos ads and sponsored posts so to further reach their market target, with this brand new format.
Highlighting Batman's personality and sense of humor, the Story was centered on a funny conversation with the key character over a chatbot, read the movie synopsis or watch exclusive trailer videos. An additional objective for Warner Bros was related to conversion, with a call to action, inviting users to purchase tickets for the movie.
Thanks to its conversational, familiar and interactive aspects, the chatbot game has proved highly efficient in terms of engagement: 97% of people who started a conversation completed the chatbot experience. The click through rate on "Buy Ticket" also reached 14%, proving that the story had been engaging enough to drive visitors to conversion.