Design attractive, unforgettable branded stories

Enhance your marketing strategy with seamless and immersive mobile experiences. Create stories that make your company stand out from the crowd using videos, pictures, games and more in a single place.

Now you can do much better than traditional articles, promotions and advertising to create deep bonds with people who matter to your business.
Storytelling Business Benefits
Brand Awareness
Let your brand’s personality shine through exciting stories with games, interactive articles, branded videos and much more in a campaign.
Portray your brand with storytelling to ensure your company is intrinsically linked to the story’s message and goals.
Customer Loyalty
Simple words gain real meaning thanks to great brand stories because people are instinctively more engaged when they hear a narrative.
Give your company added value built on an emotional connection that ensures you'll be your customer's favorite.
Lead Generation
Say good-bye to long, impersonal forms that discourage prospects.
Stitch forms seamlessly into stories to make the lead generation process smoother, introducing a brand new way to capture relevant information and identify people who belong to your community.
How to better promote your business with storytelling on Fastory
Fastory is a user-friendly tool that allows you to create deeply engaging marketing campaigns.
You can reach audiences through social media, websites or any other marketing channel to bring your brand story to life. With Fastory campaigns, you'll strike an emotional chord with your customers, leaving them an unforgettable memory of your brand thanks to enhanced marketing content.
Make sure to be a presence in your community every day, at every precious moment by creating a unique universe around your business and products, through videos, pictures, games, articles, leaderboards, chats, forms, and much more.
Create tailored user experiences for your business identity: engage users on social media, raise your brand awareness, influence the customer's journey, and qualify contacts to learn more about the real people who make up your community today.
Top 3 tips to build the best storytelling campaigns with Fastory
Idea n°1
Use advertsing
Use advertsing to reach qualified leads and draw them into your story.
Add rich content people will enjoy interacting with like branded videos or casual games to capture profile data you’ll be able to use in your CRM tool later.
Idea n°2
Offer fresh branding on a regular basis
Offer fresh branding on a regular basis so users will love to come back to your story to discover new content.
Take advantage of push notifications on mobile or emails to get them back into your story again.
Idea n°3
Mix different contents
Make your story genuine with different types of content: show your product in action with videos, give a glimpse behind the scenes of your company with pictures.
Don’t forget to add a few forms to qualify contacts according to your business goals.