Create disruptive brand experiences on Facebook

Enhance your Facebook marketing strategy with seamless and immersive mobile experiences.

Make your company stand out from the crowd and develop a strong brand preference by telling stories using entertaining content, games and more.
Go beyond ordinary Facebook promotions and ads to create deep bonds with people who matter to your business.
Storytelling on Facebook Benefits
Social Engagement
Transform social media engagement encouraging likes, comments and shares in single place where your creativity and imagination are the only limits.
You can even introduce other social media profiles such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to keep in touch with your audience wherever they are.
Lead Generation
With interactive branded stories, you’re in a much better position to make your marketing messages engaging.
Simply add a link to your Fastory campaign and get actionable profiles outside of Facebook constraints. You’ll cleverly capitalize on the massiveness of the Facebook network to capture qualified leads and leverage your lead generation strategy.
Brand Awareness
Offer spectacular overviews of your products, give them an original aesthetic appeal with compelling content, and create irresistible stories around your business to drive growth.
Raise awareness of your company's added value to influence purchasing behavior and reach your business objectives faster.
How to better promote your business with Facebook and Fastory
Fastory is a user-friendly tool that allows you to create highly engaging storytelling campaigns.
Invite audiences into the rich universe of your company through promoted posts, Facebook Canvas ads, fan page posts or any other marketing channel to bring your brand story to life.
With Fastory campaigns, you can mix marketing content and enhanced fun experiences like branded games to reach your community every day, at every precious moment.
Build a unique atmosphere around your business and products using a wide selection of deeply engaging content such as videos, pictures, games, articles, leaderboards, chats, forms, and much more.
Create the perfect experience, especially tailored for your business goals and identity:
  • Engage fans on Facebook
  • Raise your brand awareness
  • Influence the customer's journey
  • Qualify contacts to learn more about your community
Top 3 tips to build the best campaign with Facebook and Fastory
Idea n°1
Use facebook targeting
Use Facebook targeting options on a Facebook Canvas ad to reach qualified leads and add a link to your story on the final screen to extend the user experience.
Add rich content people will enjoy interacting with like branded mini games or gamified forms on your story to capture profile data you’ll be able to use in your CRM tool later.
Idea n°2
Post links on your Facebook page
Post links to your story on a regular basis on your Facebook fan page so people will experience your company like never before with brand content beyond anything you can imagine publishing in a simple Facebook post.
Then, Fastory allows you to get back in touch with them with fresh and lively brand content every day, as soon as they take out their smartphones.
Idea n°3
Mix different contents
Make sure your story is full of different types of content: offer skill games with lottery, show your product in action with videos, give a glimpse behind the scenes of your company with storytelling, and don’t forget to add a few forms to qualify contacts according to your business goals.