Build creative brand experiences on Twitter

Leverage your Twitter marketing strategy with seamless and engaging mobile experiences.

Go beyond ordinary and sponsored tweets to create deep bonds with people who matter to your business.
Storytelling on Twitter Benefits
Social Engagement
Increase social interaction with your company on social media encouraging likes, comments and shares in single place where you're free to use as many characters as you want.
You can even add other social media business profiles such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch with your audience wherever they are.
Lead Generation
Fastory helps you get qualified contacts in a much more thrilling way than a simple form on Twitter. Now you can build lively and immersive campaigns people will truly enjoy.
Just add a link to your story on a tweet or Twitter bio and capture actionable contact information to develop your lead generation strategy.
Brand Awareness
Show the world the added value of your business with creative brand content and be sure to quickly reach your business goals.
Take advantage of the power of storytelling to influence the customer journey and ultimately drive growth.
How to better promote your business with Twitter and Fastory
Fastory is a user-friendly service that allows you to create highly engaging storytelling campaigns.
Invite audiences into the rich universe of your company through Twitter ads, Twitter bios, simple tweets or any other marketing channel to bring your brand story to life.
Design powerful, effective brand content and enhance user experiences with gamification to reach your audience every day, at every precious moment.
Create a unique world around your business and products using a wide variety of deeply engaging content such as videos, pictures, games, articles, leaderboards, chats, forms and much more in a single campaign.
Compose the perfect story to reflect your brand identity and tailored it to your business goals:
  • Engage followers on Twitter
  • Raise your brand awareness
  • Influence the customer's purchasing behavior
  • Qualify contacts to learn about your community
Top 3 tips to build the best campaign with Twitter and Fastory
Idea n°1
Use sponsored tweets ads
Take advantage of sponsored tweets to reach more qualified prospects on Twitter and add a link to your story to extend the user experience.
Include lively and interactive content in your story such as branded mini games or gamified forms to keep in touch with your new prospects.
Idea n°2
Post links on your tweets
Start telling a story with a tweet, posting an intriguing image and a question, for example, and finish the story on Fastory to draw prospects into a far more intense user experience than Twitter can offer.
Idea n°3
Mix different contents
Fill your story with different types of content: offer skill games with lottery, show your products in action with branded videos, give a glimpse behind the scenes of your company with storytelling, and don’t forget to add a few forms to qualify contacts according to your business goals.