Build smart lead generation forms people will love to fill out

Boost your lead generation strategy with seamless and immersive mobile experiences. Create stories that make your company the best at both lead generation and marketing in a single stroke.

Turn dull, impersonal forms into entertaining user experiences to create deep bonds with people who matter to your business.
Lead Generation Benefits for Your Business
Engage Conversation from Inbound Marketing
Most contacts need time and confidence before they're ready to buy. Interactive stories are the perfect way to get prospects engaged through social media, blogs and websites in a highly original way.
It's never been easier to convert visitors into leads by creatively stitching forms into snackable brand content.
Increase Sales
Showcase products and create branding messages that inspire confidence with storytelling to gradually move leads down your sales funnel.
Blend marketing content and questions based on buying intent to make sure prospects are ready to become customers.
Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty
Come back to your leads every time your story is updated with fresh marketing content to get more in-depth qualification.
The more you know about your contacts' preferences and lifestyles, the better placed you are to offer personalized brand experiences that increase their loyalty.
How to generate more leads for your business with Fastory
Fastory is a user-friendly tool that allows you to create deeply engaging marketing and lead generation campaigns.
You can reach audiences from social media, websites, advertising or any other marketing channel to bring your brand story to life. With Fastory campaigns, you can easily collect information from your contacts by turning complex and impersonal forms into gamified and multi-step user experiences.
Never miss an opportunity to capture relevant data thanks to intelligent forms that never ask for the same information twice, even through several stories.
Get new leads and qualify contacts every day by building a unique atmosphere around your business and products using videos, pictures, games, articles, leaderboards, chats, forms, and much more.
Create user experiences tailored to your business identity and goals: influence the customer's journey, increase sales and qualify contacts to learn more about the real people who make up your community today.
Top 3 tips to build the best storytelling campaigns with Fastory
Idea n°1
Use advertsing
Use advertsing to reach qualified leads and draw them into your story.
Add rich content people will enjoy interacting with like branded videos or casual games to capture profile data you’ll be able to use in your CRM tool later.
Idea n°2
Offer fresh branding on a regular basis
Offer fresh branding on a regular basis so users will love to come back to your story to discover new content.
Take advantage of push notifications on mobile or emails to get them back into your story again.
Idea n°3
Mix different contents
Make your story genuine with different types of content: show your product in action with videos, give a glimpse behind the scenes of your company with pictures.
Don’t forget to add a few forms to qualify contacts according to your business goals.