Stories are the new newsfeed
Million people use
Stories every day
Source: Instagram/Snapchat Q4 2017

From San Francisco to Paris, stories are spreading all over the world allowing us to share the best moments of our lives on Social Media. Stories are fun, entertaining and highly addictive.

We - at Fastory - strongly believe engaging, sensory and interactive stories is the hottest opportunity for your brand to captivate your audience and play an important role in this new way of consuming content.

That's why we are committed to build the best platform that brings your brand Story to life. Own the moment, let your brand be part of this.

Let’s write this Story together.

Bring your brand Story to life with Fastory
Turn any of your content into a mobile Storytelling experience

Experience it with sound

Pick up fresh marketing contents from
your official website or news feed
Freshen up your content through a mind-blowing story
Choose a goal that matters to your business and improve your conversion rate
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Speed up your Story creation with flexible features

Fastly create stories with a unique tool designed for your brand's ecosystem and needs
  • Add content or playable screens from a comprehensive gallery
  • Drag & Drop screens on the timeline to craft thousand combinations
  • Import existing assets from Instagram, Facebook

Captivate your audience with high-quality motion design

Build visionary brand experience, especially tailored to your business goals and identity
  • Catchy animated headlines, computed from Adobe® After Effects
  • Easily customizable with charted colors, content and logotype
  • No technical skills needed

Provide seamless experience through impactful themes

Make sure to get branded and consistent design across all your content
  • Smartly designed themes, optimized for each business goals
  • Dozens of fonts from Google® Web Fonts
  • No design skills needed

Take care of your team with a unified workflow

Invite your colleagues and collaborate with them on multiple Stories
  • Attribute roles and privileges
  • Simplify reviews and validations
  • Publish and update your work with ease

Marketing funnels made easy

See your stories KPIs at a glance and deeply understand how your audience behaves on stories
  • Track visitors sessions and activities in real time
  • Quickly identify drop-off and most effective contents
  • Make sure to offer the best story with A/B testing feature
The new gold standard for mobile Storytelling
Based on a proprietary technology, Fastory® plays across major social media channels
Native Stories
  • Fast & seamless visual experience
  • In-app consultation
  • Fully respects Snapchat & Instagram T&Cs
  • Brand awareness & social engagement purpose
Interactive Stories
  • Immersive hands-on experience
  • Instant loading & Content prefetching
  • Sharable anywhere on the web
  • Conversions & lead generation purpose
A mix of native and interactive content for endless possibilities